Welcome to the Equipping Component!

At New Birth Villages, we empower individuals to reach their full potential.


Our “Equipping” Module identifies skills and potential, guiding individuals towards self-actualization.


“Taking the Next Step!” Our curriculum, spanning 9-12 months, focuses on personal development and vocational training.

What We Offer:

  • Assessments: Personalized evaluations determine educational aspirations and aptitude.
  • Curriculum: Tailored programs cover life skills, education, and vocational training.
  • Career Support: Job placement assistance and on-the-job training ensure success in chosen fields.

Next Steps:

  • Discovery: Supervisors work closely with participants to chart their path.
  • Curriculum: Participants engage in mentoring, training, and education.
  • Career Placement: Celebrate achievements and support self-actualization.

Achievement Levels:

We offer pathways from laborer to entrepreneur, providing vocational opportunities and academic support.

Join us as we empower individuals and communities!

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