Welcome to the Helping Component!

At New Birth Villages, we’re dedicated to uplifting families and individuals facing crises. Our approach? Elevate them to the next level through sincere support and guidance.

What We Do:

Our model combines Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with the community spirit of Acts, Chapter 2:43-47. Just like in ancient times, we believe in pooling resources to meet each other’s needs.

Meeting Them Where They Are:

While today’s world differs from ancient times, our commitment remains the same. We meet individuals and families at their point of need, figuratively embodying Acts’ communal ethos.

Our Three-Tiered Approach:

    1. Clearinghouse Services: Connecting communities with nearby resources.
    2. Support and Distribution: Providing aid as resources are gathered and shared.
    3. Taking the “Next Step”: Engaging the individual or family to begin the
      “Next Step” as appropriate.
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