It is the fervent desire and intent that this project will provide the framework and
infrastructure that under proper guidance and supervision, will continue to thrive, grow,
and remain prosperous throughout the entire Roberson Dynasty in perpetuity. It is with
this thought that the following objectives and strategies were developed.

The Enterprise Level

VISION: Waging a War of Peace and Love while Keeping a Vigil until the “Ancient of

MISSION: The Legacy Foundation Creates and Supports Ministries that participate in
and provide programs for helping to build and strengthen communities and their
collective families to reach their highest potential while covering the basic needs of ALL
family members.

1. To always “Walk In Love” letting His light shine through Our Works
2. To “Live” with a PASSION for Christ
4. To “Honor” FAMILY in UNITY and LOVE

The Individual Companies

INITIAL BUSINESS STRUCTURES (The following are subject to change based on
board input) (Removed Individual names associated with each company from this
3. DBA – Real Estate, Estate Planning, Investing Network Group (R.E.E.P.I.N.G
4. DBA – Smart Estates Commercial Realty LLC CA Co.
5. DBA – TOP TEAM NUTRITION (Nutrition and Sports Medicine)
6. DBA – EVKO Media Development and Marketing
7. DBA – JLFJC Creative Enterprises
8. DBA – New Birth Villages Ministries (NBV)

Although each of the individual companies plays a significant role in providing input
into the decision making of the nonprofit entity, because, euphemistically speaking, it is
the heartbeat and the “Central Nervous System”, of the Legacy Foundation and it takes
its specific direction from the Board of Directors. Its funding and fiscal management are
closely monitored to ensure its accuracy and adherence to IRS rules governing a
501(c)3 charitable organization.

New Birth Villages Ministries (Nonprofit)

The business model used for our nonprofit to accomplish its long-term operation and
viability is Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The “Catch Phrases” that resonated
in developing the watchwords for our culture, were the following phrases: “Meet the
Person Where They Are!” “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes!” and “Encourage Them to Take
the Next Step!”








Vision: A Leveled Playing Field
Mission. The mission of New Birth Village is to develop a “Business Implementation
Model” that can be used to facilitate any community in their effort to stabilize, increase,
and sustain a standard of living significantly above published poverty thresholds for their
geographic regions.
Philosophy. “For the People, By the People – Prosperity, Posterity, Legacy”
The philosophy driving NBV relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In modern
societies across the world, a major barrier to the enhancement of overall well-being is
that high expectations (socially, economically, personally) are placed on individuals
whose basic needs are not being met, or not being met well. While it may seem basic,
we seek to build the foundation of society through meaningful housing, economic
opportunity, and education in a safe environment that fosters a sense of community and
belonging, leading to the esteem and self-actualization of individuals and families. We
believe our efforts do much more than putting a roof over a person’s head, they also
provide an uplifting environment and plenty of opportunity for growing as a person and
community member.

THE IMPLEMENTATION TEAM – The original implementation team listed below
was formed at the request and participation of its chief executive and founding partner
Charles Roberson Sr.

Charles R. Roberson – Partner (Interim Owner Operator)
Ram Scrinivasan – Chief Financial Officer (Partner)
David Roberson – Director of Marketing (Partner)
Jestina Roberson – Executive Assistant Community Affairs (Partner)
Evelyn Kono – Team Leader (Marketing)
Matthew Haro – Lead Animator (Animation annd Video)
Ahmed Ali – Website Design and Implementation

Phone (408)799-8578